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FIll this out at least 2 weeks before the event that you need approval for.  If the timeline is shorter - please notify your coordinator.

Regular meetings with individuals and coalitions should be reported on this form.  Give as much information as possible.

Complete this form to received payment.  Incomplete forms will not be paid. Forms with complete event information that are turned in by 12:00pm Monday will be paid through PayPal/Check Mailed by 11:59pm Thursday of the same week.

If you have provided technical assistance for an organization, fill out this form

Complete this form to request supplies, forms, printing, etc. If you are an Artist/Advocate, DO NOT fill out this form.  Please request supplies from your Program Coordinator/Manager.

Do you have any bright ideas?  Anything that you think that could be improved?  PLEASE SHARE!

At this time - email direct with any issues (including password resets) and include screenshots if you have them -

Use this form to conduct a 360 Evaluation and receive feedback from ALL those around you!

Use this form to turn in your worked time for various advocacy/peer support/and other projects.

Use this form to book a conference room whether virtual or in person

Report on the conferences/events we attend by using this form

Complete the form to receive reimbursement on items related to work done with P3.  All reimbursements must be pre-approved and accompany all necessary receipts.

Complete this form to update Artist/Advocate/Employee personal information.

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