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Contribute to our mission for arts, advocacy, and education.


Submit up to 5 poems with a cover letter.  Your cover letter needs only to contain your name, address, social media handles, phone number, and email address. Each poem must be your original work. If the material has been published - please indicate this in your cover letter (dual submissions will be accepted).  Submit your poems as 1 pdf document. It must be completely free of your first name, last name, initials, address, or any other marks that could identify you.  If your first or last name appears in your manuscript or in your header, your application will be deemed ineligible. Labeled to indicate title of the sample. At the top of every page, include the page number in the upper right corner and state the title of the manuscript. In typescript and clearly readable. Use a 12 point font and margins of at least one inch at the top, bottom, and sides of all pages. Do not submit more than the maximum number of pages that are allowed; excess pages will be removed and not reviewed.

Selected poetry will be printed and sold in the book. 

Work must be in one document with a letter to the judges and a short bio paragraph about yourself. Include a table of contents for your poetry, please. If your work is selected for the book you will receive one free copy of the the finished product.  Cisual artists selected for the book will receive one free copy of their book.


for our fall 2020 fundraiser

Submit a proposal to create eight centerpieces with a description of your idea and drawings or images if possible along with your cost for the project. Attach a website or artist page if possible as well. Your art will be featured at our spring fundraiser, payment would be up to $1,200.

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