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Meet one of Topeka’s busiest community champions. S.J. Hazim has taken social media by storm as he has raised the level of conversation around community pride. S.J.’s infectious energy is sure to energize you, and his words will most definitely give you perspective. S.J. is so active in the community just trying to keep up with him on social media is exhausting. S.J. was grafted into Hop Hop culture in the early 80’s when he saw the planet rock video and became a closet rapper (shortly after break dancing faded out). Some history-- a fun fact about SJ would be he was performing with LiL Wayne in 1999 before the "block is hot" release, and performed with countless other mainstream artists. 

In 2019, alone SJ made the front page of the Topeka Capital journal over six times as well as constant news coverage. S.J. also won a rising star award from CJ Online and received an award from The Greater Topeka Partnership as Social Media Influencer of the year. The thing SJ is most excited about is his partnership with TPAC (Topeka Performing Arts Center) I Pressed On. It’s a one-man show that describes his life according to conversation rhythm and poetry. Founder of Project Forward and the CEO of apparel line Clad Astra has no plans of slowing down anytime

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